Saturday, October 1, 2016

Naked Ultimate Basics, Fall 2016 Review!

The new Naked Ultimate Basics eye shadow palette has released, and it is different in some ways from the rest of the Naked eye shadow line. I will go over what’s changed (most notably the packaging), what’s stayed the same, and give a review of the shade selection and performance of the shadows. The price point is $54.00 for .48 ounces.

As far as packaging, this installment has swapped the long, narrow design for a new square design with a starburst embossed on the gold-brass colored case. The packaging appears more substantial than it feels – once you pick it up the plastic feels very light. But it is beautiful packaging, and the texture, with the raised starburst, is pleasing to the touch. There is a full-size mirror, and the case includes a double-ended brush that will especially please those interested in travelling with it. The light weight actually makes it very practical for travel. Storage-wise, square palettes are not my preference, but the beauty of the packaging definitely makes up for any inconvenience in storing it.

There are 12 shades included, some more cool-toned (on the top row) and others more warm-toned (on the bottom row), so this palette will suit a variety of skin tones. The palette is billed as “all matte” but there is one subtly shimmery shade. The shade selection is either going to be the biggest drawback or the biggest selling point for you, depending on the extent of your current make-up collection. In my case, it is a big disappointment, because these shades are similar to many others I already have in my collection from a variety of brands like Tarte, Stila, and Too Faced, as well as in other Urban Decay palettes. I could not find one shade in this palette that was not comparable to 2, 3, or more that I already had in another palette, and the palette as a whole even resembles a couple other full palettes that I own. (Note that the shades appeared slightly darker on my lid than in the pan.)

That said, however, some will be thrilled with the shade selection if they do not already have a lot of similar shades, and, admittedly, the name of the palette is “Naked Ultimate Basics” and the shade selection is not inconsistent with that. It’s not really fair to expect it to offer groundbreaking, bold, colorful shades! I will admit that although neutrals and nudes are not my first choice, they are very, very practical, and anyone will be able to wear them in any social situation, most notably to work in an office setting or to meet with clients. So these shades really are staples in almost anyone’s make-up collection, whether they are a personal preference or not. But once you’ve already got a lot of them, how many dupes are really necessary, even with occasion to wear them a lot, such as for work?

On the plus side, it is great that there is a good range of shades from very light to very dark. This is a very comprehensive palette, and you won’t need to reach for another to achieve a good range for your eye look. One of my pet peeves about eye shadow palettes are ones that I cannot use on their own.

All in all, I think this palette is best suited for someone who either is trying to build their collection and doesn’t already have many neutral and nude mattes, someone who only wears these types of shades, or someone who is just a collector and Urban Decay fangirl or fanboy. Others may want to take a pass, especially given the expensive price point.

The formula is outstanding on most of the shades. If you are familiar with the formula of other Naked palette shadows, you will have a good idea what the majority of these will be like. A couple didn’t perform as well as others (most notably “instinct” and “magnet”), but all-in-all the quality is very good overall, and with building I was able to make even the worse-performing shades look great! They are very nicely pigmented and go on the lid smoothly, don’t have a lot of kick-up or fallout, blend rather easily, and last beautifully all day long. I can’t find any fault whatsoever with the formula overall.

VERDICT: This palette will delight some and disappoint others, depending on whether you prefer neutral and nude matte shades and how many your collection already sports. This is an expensive investment for someone who already has many comparable dupes – and given how common most of these shades are (or at least very similar ones), that will be a lot of you. But if that is not you, these are very practical shades that will work for any kind of environment, including conservative work environments, and the formula is top-notch, so in that case I highly recommend it.

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Blow, Nudie, Commando, Tempted, Instinct, Lethal, Pre-Game, Extra Bitter, Faith, Lockout, Magnet, Blackjack

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