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Urban Decay Vintage Capsule Lipstick Full Collection Review, Fall 2017

As someone who has a short attention span for the new lipstick releases with high dupe-ability that are flooding the market (!), I was absolutely thrilled to see such a departure from the mundane in the shades that the Urban Decay Vintage Capsule lipstick collection sports! I have all nine shades, and I could not find a dupe for one in my admittedly bloated lipstick collection! This set honors the 90's founding of Urban Decay, and fan favorites from the original line that have been highly requested for re-release. There are a lot of bold shades and duo-chromes here. This collection is supposed to be a throwback to the 90's  - are they "wearable" in this decade?

The way that these swatched was different than the way that they wore on my lips. The sheerer ones were definitely more sheer swatched than when my natural lip color was added into the mix. When I first got them home and swatched them, I was concerned some of them would be too sheer for my taste, but after wearing all of them I can say that I was surprisingly pleased with all of the shades - even the ones I thought I was not going to like! Of course, in the case of the more sheer lipsticks, your results may vary depending on the shade of your natural lips.

The packaging is very nice - brushed silver tubes with a golden rim, and, best of all, stickers that show the actual lipstick color on the bottom so you can find the color you need quickly and effortlessly even if you have a larger collection. "Urban Decay" is ascribed on the gold inside of the tube, and the lipstick bullets themselves have the "UD" logo imprinted on them.The packaging is very similar to the Vice lipstick collection that was released over the summer. What is also similar to the Vice collection is the formula - and that is a very, very good thing. The performance of these was, again, excellent. They wore very well throughout the day and I was able to drink several cups of coffee or a have a light snack without a touch-up. A re-application will be needed after meals or after several hours, but I still find these perform better than many of the lipsticks I have tried. They also all feel creamy, comfortable, and moisturizing on my lips. One drawback - some of the shades do tend to show the fine lines of my lips, so I recommend using a lip primer under them. I have been using the MAC Prep + Prime, but any lip primer should do the trick.

Purple gets a lot of love in this collection. Asphyxia, Plague, and Palor are all purple shades.Asphyxia is a lavender with blue micro glitter giving it a blue shift. I've seen quite a few eye shadows with this effect, but not many lipsticks. The result definitely isn't something I would wear to a Board meeting, but it is beautiful and, in my opinion, "wearable" in most situations. (I use the term "wearable" loosely because everyone has their own take on what that means!) Plague and Palor were two I thought I wasn't going to like after swatching them, but I did. They were still slightly sheer, but that also makes them more wearable purples for more conservative situations. I would wear either of these to the office. Plague was a deep grape-fig color with a pink undertone, and Palor is a grayish lighter purple. All three of these purples are cream formulas. There's a lot of purple lipsticks out there right now, yet these still managed to be completely unique - kudos to Urban Decay for that!

Blue is represented by two creams, Frostbite, a darker, shimmery blue with multi color glitter, and UV-B, a bright, shimmery periwinkle blue. These may not go over so well at the office, and will probably take either a bold or artistic personality, or a bold whim or mood for anyone else, to go out with. If you are up for giving them a try, you will be well rewarded with absolutely gorgeous colors. There aren't a lot of blue lipsticks out there, and these are nothing like any of the others I've ever seen. Great for the club scene!

There are two "sheers" in the collection: Bruise and Oil Slick. Ordinarily I don't like sheers, however, I like both of these because they are opaque enough not to resemble lip gloss and because they come in shades I don't tend to wear often because of how bold their non-sheer counterparts can be. Bruise, a red with a barely noticeable green shift, is perfect in a situation where a full-on fire engine red would not be appropriate to wear but you still want to sport red, or for someone who wants to wear a red that is more subdued. Both of these have almost a gel-like appearance to them, mellowing them out. Which brings me to Oil Slick, the black with silver micro glitter. I LOVE this lipstick!!! If you are like I am, then you are dying to wear black out but can't conjure up the courage to do it unless it's Halloween. (By the way, I loved the way pure black looked on my lips for Halloween, so I wish it would become more mainstream!) With Oil Slick, you can make an exception! This is a wearable, yes, wearable black! (happy dancing!) How fun is that?! You can definitely tell it's black, but it's so subdued that there's nothing shocking about it. And if it still looks "too black," a little patting down with a tissue will mellow it out even more. Absolutely love this - if I could have just one shade from this collection it would be this one, because having fun with wild colors is something I can't resist!

Finally there is a copper-bronze color, Smog, and a burgundy toned brown, Roach. Let me just say right off the bat that this is the only "roach" I've ever met that I actually like - and I like it a lot! It's very shimmery, and a flattering, yellow-toned medium brown. Smog is a very metallic looking, almost frosty copper color. I find it odd that Urban Decay is calling both of these "cream" formulas. If you love your bold metals than this color will definitely be for you. I find that it's light enough that it's actually practical in a lot of situations, as an added bonus.

This is a predominantly bold, and very unique, collection. If you don't like your lipsticks to come in the "been there done that" variety you should definitely check these out. And if you want to try bold colors but want to take baby-steps, there are several shades here that are surprisingly wearable given their base color is such a stand-out shade.

VERDICT: Not only do I give this collection my highest recommendation, I can say it is one of my favorite lipstick collections to come out in a long time. During a season when a lot of products are coming out that are infinitely dupe-able, this is a very refreshing addition to any make-up lover's collection. And if the shades aren't enough to inspire a purchase, there is the outstanding quality of the formula to boot! Oil Slick and Smog are my top picks!

Have a beautiful day!

Bruise, Oil Slick, Smog, Roach, Asphyxia, Palor, Plague, UV-B, Frostbite

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